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By Tim Waggoner

One guy trying to find peace in a land that is familiar with simply blood.
Diran used to be the most feared assassins within the land, yet he has became his again on homicide, looking the lifetime of a wandering priest. His travels have taken him north, into lands stuck among warring political factions and affected by lawless pirates. yet Diran refuses to take aspects. He wishes justice and peace for everybody.
But while he stumbles upon a plot to revive an historic relic and use its powers to create a military of assassins, closing impartial is not any longer an alternative. It’s kill or be killed, take the struggle to the enemy . . . no matter if it potential embracing the assassin’s nature inside his soul.

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A shaman may choose to divide her healing among multiple recipients, and she doesn’t have to use it all at once. The shaman may not use this ability to damage undead, unlike other similar abilities. Geas: Protector of the Weak. While bears can be ferocious, the spirit of Bear is benevolent. She is a healer and mother, and her lesson to the shaman is that all beings have a time when they need help or comfort. The shaman may never use the coup de grace action against any creature, and must always ensure that children and any others who are unable to defend themselves are protected.

It is a serious calling, where the spirits themselves have chosen the character to serve as a bridge between worlds. Usually, the chosen one undergoes an ordeal, such as a devastating illness or a life-threatening attack that takes him to death’s door. As such, this class may only be chosen at character creation, or after the character has suffered an effect that permanently reduces one of his attribute scores or causes a level loss (such as death or permanent ability drain from a disease). In the latter case, where the class was taken after character creation, the character can never have the lost level or ability score point(s) returned by magical means, including restoration, miracle, and wish.

The geas also means that the shaman cannot use the run action for more than three consecutive rounds without slowing back down to a walk for a round. Rabbit Benefit (Ex): The shaman gains the Evasion special ability, as detailed in Core Rulebook I. Geas: Humility. Rabbit teaches the shaman to accept that each person is valuable and that all are equal. To think of yourself as greater than others goes against Rabbit’s teachings. The shaman may never boast about her exploits or be prideful of her abilities.

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