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By William W. Connors

A suite of magical goods, every one of which consists of the special taint of the Demiplane of Dread. This omnibus of diabolic units will upload a component of the macabre to any RAVENLOFT crusade.

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The first time an owner winds a soldier, there is only a 1%that it will attack, but this chance grows by 1% each time additional soldiers are wound and released. Thus, if the owner winds all 1 2 red soldiers, the chance of them turning on their owner is 12%. No amount of time will reduce the chance that the soldiers will attack their owner. If winding a soldier causes it to turn on its owner, all the tin soldiers present instantly become active-whether or not they are already wound-and attempt to destroy their owner.

Others failed to control the hourglass, but met different fates, such as being permanently slowed, lost in time, or set to bouncing through time as one might skip a stone across a lake. Hourglass o f Souls he hourglass ofsouk is an item unique in all the lands of the Mists, perhaps in all the multiverse. Constructed at the behest of the archmage Azalin, years were spent researching the creation of this hourglass. Azalin himself devoted no less than a full year of his time. The hourglass’s framework is made from human and demihuman bones delicately carved with a mocking skull motif.

The moment that this top begins to spin, it radiates an nearly invisible mantle of shadows. Anyone who comes into contact with this top’s aura must make a save vs. Death Magic or will suffer the drain of one experience level or hit die instantly. Any creatures who spend more than one round within the top’s aura must make a saving throw every round, so it is possible to lose a number energy levels to this diabolical device. The person spinning the top is not affected. November: This top is decorated with a strange mosaic of autumn colors.

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