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By George W. Stocking Jr.

" This quantity is probably going to turn out essential to historians of anthropology in most cases and of British anthropology specifically. There are quite a lot of historic talents on exhibit, from conventional textual research to ancient sociology of the main subtle style, and there's a roughly thorough chronological insurance from the period of classical evolutionism nearly as much as the current. you possibly can merely desire that historicizing anthropologists will pattern a few of these wares."—Journal of the historical past of the Behavioral Sciences

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In this sense, Frazer's peasants stood in approximately the same relationship to the primitive Aryans and the subsequent literature of the Greeks and Romans as Smith's Arabs stood in relation to the primitive Semites and the subsequent, higher literature of the Old Testament. But unlike Smith, Frazer drew comparisons between European peasants and peoples in the savage state generally, regardless of time, place, or even state of evolutionary development. Frazer thus saw in the classic description of the Australian intichiuma ceremonies (Spencer & Gillen 1899) "a close and striking analogy to the spring ceremonies of European peasants," despite the fact that the intichiuma was practiced by hunters and gatherers, while the rites of the peasantry were intimately bound up with agriculture; and since the Aboriginal, unlike the peasant, could recall the purpose of his ritual, the Australian data could be used to "illustrate and explain" the European practice (Frazer 1900b:199-200).

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