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Canadian Securities Exam Fast-Track Study Guide (3rd revised & updated ed)

Even if your occupation aspirations lie in banking, monetary making plans, the mutual fund or a brokerage, you cannot stay away from taking the Canadian Securities examination. yet there is a lot of fabric to understand for the day of the exam, and it may be a frightening job to assimilate any such extensive physique of information.

Implementierungsstand der Balanced Scorecard: Fallstudienbasierte Analyse in deutschen Unternehmen

Philip Matlachowsky analysiert mithilfe einer Mehrfallstudie die BSC-Anwendungen in sechs Unternehmen unterschiedlicher Branchen und Größen. Er zeigt, dass dem Implementierungsstand der BSC unterschiedliche Entwicklungsmuster zu Grunde liegen, die auch die Rückentwicklung des genutzten BSC-Typs umfassen können.

Education for the 21st Century — Impact of ICT and Digital Resources: IFIP 19th World Computer Congress, TC-3, Education, August 21–24, 2006, Santiago, Chile

Overseas Federation for info ProcessingThe IFIP sequence publishes state of the art leads to the sciences and applied sciences of data and conversation. The scope of the sequence contains: foundations of desktop technology; software program thought and perform; schooling; laptop functions in expertise; conversation platforms; platforms modeling and optimization; details platforms; desktops and society; computers expertise; safeguard and security in details processing structures; man made intelligence; and human-computer interplay.

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