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By George C. Kenney

Contains common George Churchill Kenney's memoir of his profession as commander of the 5th Air strength within the Pacific Theater in the course of international conflict 2. common Kenney lived from 1889-1977.

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The bombs, of course, were not that sensitive but no one had explained it to the kids, so they didn’t know any better. The weather service was not even sketchy. Wiather forecasts were prepared by the Australian weather section at Port 36 With MacArthur in Australia Moresby from charts of preceding years which purported to show what would happen this year. During July, the youngsters told me, three quarters of all bomber missions had been abandoned on account of weather. W e could have done better than that by tossing a coin to see whether to go or not.

This was accomplished by thoroughly applying pig grease, which got results apparent to the eye and, in the down-wind direction for a distance of at least a hundred yards, to the nose as well. Both men and women worked around the camps building huts of bamboo framework thatched with palm leaves. The huts looked picturesque, kept out the rain, afforded shelter from the sun, and were nice things to stand in front of while you had your picture taken to send home to the folks, but after a short time they served as homes for a million varieties of spiders, scorpions, centipedes, lizards, and even birds.

H e also said that he would like to take Brigadier General Perrin back with him to Washington on temporary duty to help him compile his reports. I said okay, he could have him. I knew Perrin and didn’t know what I could use him for. After Brett left, I’d wire Arnold to give Perrin a job in the United States. I checked in with General MacArthur and talked with him for about two hours. I told him frankly what I thought was wrong with the Air Force set-up in both Australia and New Guinea and discussed the corrective action that I intended to take immediately.

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