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Getting began with HTML5 WebSocket Programming supplies the real strength of bi-directional conversation, applied by utilizing the new HTML5 WebSocket API. You’ll methods to configure the server and consumers, tips to transmit sorts of facts and the way to safe the entire system.
This booklet will introduce you to the WebSocket international. we commence via introducing the WebSocket API, and proceed with sensible, real-world examples until eventually we will make sure tips on how to construct multi-functional net apps for any kind of machine.

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4. Under Visual C#, select Windows. [ 31 ] Configuring the Server 5. Choose Console Application (yes, a console-based server is the easiest way to set up a WebSocket server). 6. Name your project whatever you like and click on OK. 7. On the Solution Explorer tab, right-click on the References icon and select Add new reference. 8. dll file. 9. Click on OK and you are done! Connecting to the web server The WebSocket server works in a similar way to the WebSocket clients. Regardless of the programming language you use, every WebSocket server performs some specific actions.

The WebSocket protocol supports text and binary data. In JavaScript, text is referred to as String, while binary data is represented by the ArrayBuffer and Blob classes (the first one is still experimental). Using plain text and binary format, you can transfer and decode almost any type of HTML5 media. binaryType = "blob" Throughout this book, we'll demonstrate specific examples for using each and every data type. String You have already taken a glimpse of transmitting plain text data in the previous chapters, where you exchanged simple chat messages.

In the previous chapter, we implemented the WebSocket client application. Now it's time to establish the other side of the channel, which is the WebSocket server. Why do I need a WebSocket server? We assume that you have a minor familiarity with servers in general. A server is nothing but a remote computer that has specific hardware and software requirements in order to achieve high availability and up-time, enhanced security, and management of multiple concurrent connections. A WebSocket server is nothing but a simple program that is able to handle WebSocket events and actions.

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