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By Bruce A. Ware

Though in all issues God's observe is the ultimate authority, our Christian culture, as inherited from centuries of cautious mirrored image and endeavoring to be real to the educating of Scripture, can enormously enlighten us. Nowhere is that this mixture of respectful hearing the knowledge of the prior and faithfulness to the Bible extra precious than in our modern reformulations of the doctrine of God's person.

Bruce Ware believes that whereas tradition's emphasis on God's metaphysical perfection and His supremacy over the area is right, we needs to refine our figuring out of how within which He pertains to us. whereas keeping the inner most matters of the historical culture, Ware bargains a extra rational view of God's dealings with His children--a view that's mirrored in Scripture's personal testimony of Him. Ware then applies this idea of genuine divine exaltation and genuine divine-human courting to the components of our prayer lifestyles, self belief in God and His information of us.

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40 God’s Greater Glory Hartshorne has done, in essence, is to propose a God whose actual and concrete existence is altogether immanent. 4 Perhaps the most compelling reason offered by various moderns for taking the divine immanence as primary is that God’s revelation has come supremely in Jesus Christ. At first glance, this seems only right, but as shall be argued, this procedure is problematic for the doctrine of God. Karl Barth is representative of a major line of thought in modern theology stressing the primacy and near exclusiveness of God’s revelation in Christ for all we know of God: The fact is sure that God constantly turns to us, whether He seems near or far, whether He speaks to us in silence and in secret or whether He addresses us openly, whether He blesses us or punishes us, kills or makes alive.

A. J. Heschel, The Prophets, 2 vols. (New York: Harper & Row, 1962), 2:45, emphasis in original. 19 T. C. Vriezen, An Outline of Old Testament Theology, 2nd ed. : Charles T. Branford, 1970), 328-329. 17 18 48 God’s Greater Glory biblical writers unthinkable (cf. Deut. 33:27; Ps. 41:13; 90:1-4; 102:2527; Jer. 10:10; 1 Tim. 1:17). Not only is God’s transcendence displayed in his utter distinction from all lesser contingent reality and in his eternal self-existence, but the transcendence of God finds full expression in the conception of God’s absolute self-sufficiency.

A. Wilson and J. Bowden (New York: Harper & Row, 1974), 87-92, 207-219; Karl Rahner, Foundations of Christian Faith: An Introduction to the Idea of Christianity, trans. W. Dych (New York: Seabury, 1978), 212-228; Charles Hartshorne, The 1 38 God’s Greater Glory the modern allegation is that classical theism has made the conception of God’s absoluteness and abstract perfection its prime datum. Hence, God’s relatedness to the world is conceived not as real but as only rational; God’s creation of the world affects him none whatsoever but only expresses in time what by divine reason he has decreed and known from all eternity; God’s coming into the world in Christ makes no impression on the divine passionless and impassible nature while affecting only, but greatly, the human nature of Jesus.

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