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By Brian R. James

The definitive timeline of the Forgotten Realms(R) campaign.The Grand historical past of the geographical regions chronicles the wealthy background of the Forgotten nation-states crusade surroundings, offering an in depth timeline observed via essays from Elminster of Shadowdale and different Realmslore specialists. even though no longer a online game complement, it serves as a convenient reference advisor for gamers and Dungeon Masters looking details on particular old occasions. moreover, the ebook positive factors an unique Forgotten nation-states brief tale by means of best-selling writer R.A. Salvatore and new revelations for Realmslore aficionados.

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Start of the Third Serôs War: Coronal Essyl lashes out against minor koalinth and scrag raids to the north and ignites the war by uniting the koalinth (aquatic hobgoblins) and merrow (aquatic ogres) against a common foe. [–1502] –1700 DR –1537 DR Calishite nobles begin hunting elves in the northern forests for sport. The merrow kingdom of P’karnis falls to the sea elves of Aryselmalyr. –1694 DR –1535 DR Rise to power of the Merynth Dynasty of Aryselmalyr under the warrior Essyl Merynth, nephew of the dying Coronal Tanrah Eshalniith.

On the day of departure, I whispered a silent prayer to the spirits of Katashaka, beseeching them to watch over those who remained behind. When the shores of my homeland had at last slipped silently away into the thickening fog behind us, I turned to Ecatzin and spoke. “The current is swift, and we are three hundred canoa strong,” I said. “Take us to Chult, friend Ecatzin, and into the mighty arms of the Father. ” Illustration by Sam Wood Though we were anxious, we trusted in the Father to deliver us safely to Chult.

But in so doing, he himself became enslaved to their blasphemous powers, and he began to commit atrocities as horrid as any of theirs. Mayhap a time had existed when he could have been redeemed from the wickedness that ultimately consumed him, but he soon began infecting his followers with his heresies, and he freely shared the secrets of the Enslavers with them. Their spells of thunder and lightning laid many of our glorious servitors low and left even more maimed, blinded, and deafened. Such was the merciless evil of the profane Thayd and his arcane disciples.

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