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By Maurizio Passerin D'Entreves, Seyla Benhabib

This selection of ten essays bargains the 1st systematic evaluate of J?rgen Habermas's Philosophical Discourse of Modernity, a publication that defended the rational strength of the trendy age opposed to the depiction of modernity as a spent epoch. The essays (of which 4 are newly commissioned, 5 have been released within the magazine Praxis foreign, and one -- through Habermas -- first seemed in translation in New Critique) are divided into sections: serious Rejoinders and Thematic Reformulations.An commencing essay via d'Entr?ves units out the most matters and orients the controversy among Habermas and the postmodernists by way of opting for diverse senses of accountability: a accountability to behave as opposed to a accountability to otherness (an openness to distinction, dissonance, and ambiguity). those are associated with substitute understandings of the first functionality of language: action-orienting as opposed to world-disclosing. it is a fruitful method of the matters that Habermas has raised in his try to resurrect and whole the undertaking of Enlightenment.Habermas's essay discusses the most topics of his e-book within the context of a serious engagement with neoconservative cultural and political tendencies. the most physique of essays provide an attractive number of issues of view, for and opposed to Habermas's place by means of philosophers, social scientists, highbrow historians, and literary critics.SECTIONS & participants : advent, Maurizio Passerin d'Entr?ves. Modernity as opposed to Postmodernity, J?rgen Habermas. severe Rejoinders : Fred Dallmayr. Christopher Norris. David C. Hoy. James Schmidt. Joel Whitebook. Thematic Reformulations : James Bohman. Diana Coole. Jay M. Bernstein. David Ingram.

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162-254. For an extended discussion of these features of postmodernism, see also D. ', in J. ), After Foucault: Humanistic Knowledge, Postmodern Challenges (New Brunswick: Rutgers University Press, 1988). INTRODUCTION 37 14 C. : MIT Press, 1987), p. 290. , pp. 298, 301. 16 Seep. 51 below. 17 Originally Jlirgen Habermas, Faktizitat und Geltung: Beitriige zur Diskurstheorie des Rechts und des demokratischen Rechsstaats (Frankfurt am Main: Suhrkamp, 1992); in English as Between Facts and Norms: Contributions to a Discourse Theory of Law and Democracy, trans.

The problem of hermeneutic failure that arises in historical and cross-cultural comparison can be partially overcome once we acknowledge that within the meaning horizon of a particular discursive formation there may be, in Ian Hacking's phrase, 'whole other categories of truth-and-falsehood than ours'. In such cases, interpretation requires understanding not what others think is actually true, but what they hold to be possibly true-or-false. Such a reformulation of the notion of disclosure as a hermeneutic theory of truth candidates also makes clear how our interpretations can come to a standstill in solving problems: the solution to a problem is not even a candidate solution, since it cannot be disclosed in a particular cultural context as either true or false.

16 Yet there is still a sense in which such aesthetic experiences are valued by Habermas more for their reintegrative and harmonious qualities than for their disruptive and sublime ones. He is therefore unable to acknowledge the political relevance of postmodern and avant-garde aesthetic practices which subvert reason's closures and open up the domain of alterity. In 'The Causality of Fate: Modernity and Modernism in Habermas', Jay Bernstein critically interrogates Habermas's defence of modern INTRODUCTION 29 reason.

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