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When Mary Magazine didn’t come to Gilead Balm and no children were staying in the house, and the overseer s grandchildren were at their home on the other side of the county, Hagar might provided always she let some one know where she was going Hagar might play alone on the ridge. To-day, having asked the Colonel if she might, she was playing there alone. “Playing” was the accepted word. They always talked of her as “playing, ” and she herself repeated the word. “May I go play awhile on the ridge?

She looked wistfully at Sylvie. Now in the back of Sylvie s head there was certainly the thought that Hagar ought to have said, “I d like to be as beautiful as you, Sylvie. ” But Sylvie had a sweet temper and she was not unmagnanimous. “I shouldn t call you ugly, ” she said judicially. “You are n t pretty, and I don t believe any one would ever call you so, but you are n t at all disagreeably plain. You ve got something that makes people ask who you are. I would n t worry. ” “Oh, I wasn’t worrying!

Girls can t whistle! ” “Dar s a piece of poetry I done heard, ” said Jinnie, Er whistlin woman an* er crowin hen, Dey am* gwine come ter no good end. ” Thomasine hummed as she walked. She had filled her bucket with various matters as she went along, and now she was engaged in fashioning out of the green burrs of the bur dock a basket with an elaborate handle. “Don t you want some burrs? ” she asked Hagar, walking beside her. Thom asine was always considerate and would give away almost anything she had.

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