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A century in the past, the forces of darkness overran Eredane and subjugated all its peoples to the need of the darkish god Izrador. virtually. In what is still in their mountain holdfasts within the Kaladruns, the dwarves nonetheless face up to. it's been slightly a dwarven new release because the Shadow fell, and residing dwarves nonetheless consider freedom. they've got the best guns and armor at the face of Aryth, traps devilish adequate to kill one thousand orcs, and a mythical stubbornness within the face of adversity. it's not sufficient. each day on this planet of nighttime the dwarves are wasting their struggle opposed to the numberless servants of Izrador. Hammer and Shadow contains: Dozens of forces, NPCs, and placement descriptions for the Kaladrun Mountains and the armies that attack them. Maps, experience hooks, and native rumors to include into any dead night crusade. New feats, status periods, charms, and gear for either the courageous defenders of the Kaladruns and the savage minions cause on destroying them.

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But not enough. Now the others were dead and both Griar and Beulis were too injured to climb back out, and the trap had been destroyed. The orc scouts had orders that, if they got hit by dwarven sentries, one of their brutes was to hammer at the mechanisms, to crush them so they couldn’t be re-used. This scouting party had done that, and quite completely. The gears and pulleys that set off the deadfall were shattered beyond repair, and the pressure-sensitive plate would not release the stone block again.

The final possible reason for his contribution to the assault, and potentially the most dangerous to the resistance, is that there may be something under the mountains that the Night King desperately wants . . something that is worth risking Jahzir’s wrath and suspicion to attain. Locations Temple of the Morning Star Halfway down the Spinewall Range, at the very summit of Mount Tedra, is the ruined Sarcosan temple called the Morning Star. ” With the help of the dwarves, the temple was built at the very entrance to heaven, above the low-lying winter clouds where only the hardiest trees could survive.

To the west are lands held by the Dornish traitor prince Gregor Chander, who would hunt them down like dogs. To the east and south of Calador, the clans have been more successful against the invading orcs. These clans have a tentative alliance with the human tribes and nomads that call the Kaladrun foothills their home, and make good use of the hunting grounds and resources offered by the Highwood. Food is relatively plentiful and the mountains too vast for the questing warbands to surround them; additionally, what advances the enemy had made over the past few decades have been all but lost due to Ghorug’s inept leadership as of late.

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