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By M. E. J. Richardson

Richardson provides a brand new translation and transcription (which accommodates crucial manuscript editions) of the main recognized of all historical Mesopotamian texts. He additionally offers an entire lexical research of each notice that's utilized in it. The version covers the prologue and epilogue in addition to the legislation themselves. scholars of the Bible, old close to japanese legislation and basic Semitics are actually supplied with an essential reference device in a handy shape. The distinct details within the thesaurus, the place the complete context of each citation is given, can be an incredible support to people who are looking to examine or revisit Akkadian.

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J: (1}napistum, but reading not completely certain. J: (l)isaqqalu, but reading not completely certain. Hammurabi's Laws: Translation 49 Discovering runaway slaves (17) If a man has found a lost slave or slave-girl in the open country and has brought them back to their owner, their owner shall give him two shekels of silver. (18) If that slave will not declare the name of his owner, he shall bring him back to the temple authorities where his record can be examined, and they shall return him to his owner.

U ana I burum 70183 kur se'am imaddad. 180. 181. 182. 183. r: + imarrar u. tiptlti. ipti. )60. Hammurabi's Laws: Translation 57 Bartering with real estate (41) If a man has taken in exchange a field, orchard or house of a soldier, a trapper or an official tenant and has paid compensation, the soldier, trapper or official tenant shall go back to his field, orchard or house and shall keep the compensation that was paid to him. AGRICULTURAL TENANTS (L42-56) A lazy tenant (42) If a man has rented a field to be cultivated but does not produce grain from the field, they shall charge him with not having worked the field, and he shall pay the same amount of grain to the owner of the field as his neighbour does.

The second clause appears to explain la imtagar, and the third clause is a temporal one introducing the apodosis. 194. sin can also be read as absinnum. Hammurabi's Laws: Translation 63 LIVESTOCK (L57-58) Careless pasturing (57) If a shepherd has not agreed with the owner of a field to let his flock feed on the plants there, but he does let his flock feed on the field without the permission of the owner of the field, the owner of the field shall harvest it. The shepherd who let his flock feed on the field without the permission of the owner of the field shall make a supplementary gift to the owner of the field of 140 bushels of grain for every 16 acres38.

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