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By Kwame Nkrumah

Beginning with a prognosis of present-day imperialist and neocolonialist intervention in Africa, and the repressive function of racist settler, minority governments, the writer explains why the armed section of the African Revolution grew to become beneficial. As ever, Kwame Nkrumah is the ardent recommend of the co-ordination of coverage and process on a continental scale.

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Against internal and external enemies 3. For the building of socialism. The struggle will entail hardship and suffering, but it is a phase through which we must pass if we are to accelerate the achievement of a radical, qualitative transformation of the liberation movement. Such measures will result in : (i) the reinforcement of political rectitude and moral strength (ii) the abolition of apathy and inertia (iii) the achievement of a higher capacity of resistance 58 59 The All-African People's Revolutionary Army (AAPRA) Members of AAPRA will be the armed representatives of the African people's socialist parties struggling against colonialism and neo-colonialism.

Hot points). Liberated Areas These areas may present minimal differences due to the varying ways in which independence was obtained. How43 ever, they can be collectively defined as territories where : (a) Independence was secured through an armed struggle, or through a positive action movement representing the majority of the population under the leadership of an anti-imperialist and well-organised mass party. (b) A puppet regime was overthrown by a people's movement (Zanzibar, Congo-Brazzaville, Egypt).

B) African revolutionaries have not yet been successful in explaining to the workers the crucial part they can play in the liberation struggle. In certain extreme cases, the purely economic form of struggle has definite positive aspects. But it is becoming increasingly true that in Africa, particularly in the zones of intensive mining and industrial activity, this form of struggle can only achieve very limited results, and does not match up to the urgency of the situation. Being forced to abandon working-sites so strategically and economically indispensable to the enemy cannot be a solution for the workers.

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