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By Dexter Hoyos

Available and enlightening, Hannibal's Dynasty offers the entire tale of Carthage's fulfillment, going past the standard concentrate on Hannibal and army issues on my own to examine quite a lot of political and diplomatic concerns too. Dexter Hoyos exhibits how the aristocratic Barcid relatives gained dominance within the unfastened republic of Carthage, and the way they exploited relatives connections to guide Carthage to greatness at domestic and in a foreign country. for college kids of Hannibal, his dynasty and his legacy - this can be the ebook to learn.

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But it would be interesting to know whether he had condoned or criticized the laying-up of the fleet. There must, of course, still have been a few warships in commission down to 242 to maintain a trickle of supplies from and contacts with Carthage, even if raids on Italy had stopped. Perhaps he and like-minded Carthaginians had reckoned that if the main fleet did put to sea it would achieve little while costing much, since the war was now confined to western Sicily and there were no resources to widen it effectively.

Punic traders ranged more widely still, from working the Atlantic coasts of Africa and Spain to gathering products of Egypt, Phoenicia and Asia Minor. They dealt with the Etruscans of Italy, as inscriptions illustrate from Pyrgi, port of Caere, engraved on sheets of gold in Etruscan and Punic around the year 500: these record Thefarie Velianas, lord of Caere, consecrating a shrine to the goddess Astarte. Near that date too the Carthaginians struck a treaty with the Romans, quoted by Polybius in Greek translation along with its successor of 348.

Whatever his own political influence at the start of his command, it was much impaired by 241. 15 20 II CARTHAGE I Hamilcar Barca belonged more or less certainly to Carthage’s ruling élite. His family’s social distinction is suggested for instance by the Roman poet Silius’ claim that they were descended from a brother of Dido, the exiled princess of Tyre who in legend had founded the city around the year 814. The claim probably dates from Hamilcar’s or his sons’ time: Belus, Dido’s father, has the name not only of the chief Phoenician god Ba’al but also of a known (though later) king Ba’lu of Tyre, while her brother in the tale is named Barca, which was merely Hamilcar’s nickname.

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