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By Dominique Janicaud

"Philosophy has come to an finish" claimed Heidegger within the ultimate posthumously released interview he granted to Der Spiegel. The target of Janicaud's chapters ("Overcoming Metaphysics?," "Heideggeriana," "Metamorphosis of the Undecidable," and the discussion "Heidegger in New York") firstly is to explain the venture of "overcoming" metaphysics, a undertaking that Heidegger himself famous as open to innumerable misunderstandings. Is it fairly attainable to surmount metaphysics, no longer through transgressing it, yet via a sufferer elucidation of its key techniques? within the attempt to underscore the originality of his personal company, does not Heidegger are inclined to undertaking too harsh a dichotomy among the forgetfulness of Being and its actual recollection? by way of elevating those questions, Janicaud means that Heidegger himself doesn't elude the objections that he directs towards the nice metaphysical thinkers.

The ultimate recourse to discussion in the middle of twentieth-century New York--a panorama deliberately "different" from one expectedly Heideggerian--intends to trace at one other danger than the indefinite deconstruction of metaphysical texts. It indicates new methods for considerate meditation and a brand new forged for action.

At the guts of the booklet, Mattei conjures up the "Heideggerian Chiasmus or the Setting-apart of Philosophy." via an inquiry into the most important Heideggerian texts produced among 1935 and 1969 and encouraged by means of Holderlin's poetry, Mattei progressively detects the cosmic determine of the Geviert, the preliminary Fourfold the place "earth and sky, the divine ones and the mortals" assemble. the sort of group, whose which means Heidegger is the one one to decipher in our occasions, silently conforms to an archaic philosophy. The cosmic online game of the Geviert additionally conjures up, for Heidegger, the trail of the Tao within the chinese language culture. during this epoch characterised through the destruction of ontology, the 2 paths during which East and West meet may well furnish us moderns the wish someday of "dwelling" on the earth.

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The principal reason is perhaps as follows. The thesis that planetary technology is the outcome of the completion of metaphysics seems all the more abstract, since metaphysics itself remains indeterminate. One does not see how privileging beings is bound to bring about as specific < previous page page_26 next page > If you like this book, buy it!

The principal misinterpretation consists in presupposing that in Heidegger there is an "way out" of the metaphysical, or < previous page page_15 next page > If you like this book, buy it! html[10/26/10 11:48:41 AM] page_16 < previous page page_16 next page > Page 16 else in locating the turn "beyond it" (as does Gilles Deleuze in Différence et Répétition (French, 90) as though it were possible once and for all to turn the page on foundational thought and to make a tabula rasa of the past. I admit that I myself was fascinated by this mirage, and then clearly disappointed when Jean Beaufret told me at the end of the summer of 1968 that Heidegger had chosen the austere Difference Between the Systems of Fichte and Schelling as the theme of the Séminaire du Thor.

Such ambiguous, and almost taboo, punctuation ruffles presence and causes wonderment. The question mark is a tease to the reader: "Has everything been thought in the foundation of Being within reason? " The misunderstanding resurfaces when, as soon as the "overcoming" loses its biting edge and unsettling virtue, once more it becomes a possible foundation. If one wants to harden the questioning and cause the linguistic < previous page page_17 next page > If you like this book, buy it! ). Each of these propositions has a share of truth and untruth.

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