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By Mark Okrent

An exploration of 1 of the nice philosophical & analytical minds who sought the reality for the deep questions relating human life.

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To count as hammering, an act must be performed for the sake of reaching one of the ends that hammering accomplishes. The fact that it is an attempt to " realize that end in a particular way is what makes it an instance of hammering. And to count as repairing a hammer, an act must be performed for the sake of one of the ends such a repair could be performed for. So any actual interpretation of something as a hammer implies that the agent has 'sighted' in advance or intended some end in that interpretation of the thing as a hammer.

Assertions (what is asserted in an asserting) as a class can themselves be defined functionally, and this is what Heidegger attempts. What it is to be an assertion is thus characterized in terms of what assertions (not assertings) do, what is accomplished through them; to be an assertion is to be a very special type of tool. To be an asserting is to be an actual use of a tool of this kind. What kind of tool is an assertion? Heidegger suggests three differentiae. "21 Let us begin with the last: how is an assertion (proposition) in itself, apart from any actual asserting of it, a tool for communicating?

191/150. 58 r Heidegger's Pragmatism under the guidance of a point of view, which fixes that with regard to which what is understood is to be interpreted. "l0 Heidegger's third 'fore-condition' for interpretation is 'fore-conception' (V orgrifJ). The idea here seems to be that every interpretation involves an 'anticipation' of what the thing is capable of doing: that a hammer is usable for the driving of nails, for example. Someone who is truly hammering with a thing must at least believe that the thing is capable of being used in hammering.

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