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The wall was still getting nearer. "Úrra! " The German troops behind their machine-guns could hear their hearts thumping. It was almost too much to bear. " They squeezed the triggers. They knew that if they did not get the attackers the attackers would get them. The machine-guns were rattling. " Carbines barked. Sub-machine-guns spluttered. The first wave collapsed. The second collapsed on top of them. The third ebbed back. Brown mounds covered the vast field. In the evening they came again. This time they came with an armoured train—a Soviet weapon that might have been useful in a civil war but was hardly suited to a modern battle of matériel.

All these were tasks for the infantry. The fast troops had to Keep moving, exploiting their opportunity. They must advance over 32 the Berezina. And then over the Dnieper. Always moving, towards the first great strategic objective of the campaign— Smolensk. That was why Guderian wanted to detach Major-General von Boltenstern's 29th Motorized Infantry Division from the defensive operations on the southern side of the pocket near the little river Zelvyanka and to both sides of the township of Zelva, where the Russians were trying to break out, and to employ it instead for the northward thrust towards Smolensk.

But why then were the forward lines on the Central Front off to such a bad start? " The enemy was taken by surprise all along the front of the Panzer Group. How was this possible? A surprising but satisfactory answer is provided by Marshal Yeremenko in his memoirs, published in Moscow in 1956. Stalin alone was responsible, is Yeremen-ko's verdict. I. V. Stalin, as the Head of State, believed that he could trust the agreement with Germany, and failed to pay the necessary attention to such symptoms as indicated a fascist attack against our country.

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