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By Mia Gosselin

Homo Sapiens, A frustrating Species examines how Western tradition has understood and maintains to appreciate what it's to be human. This booklet positive aspects reflections on legendary proposal and its good judgment and contrasts it to the Western notion of guy as expressed in philosophy from antiquity to the 20th century, its major assets being Christianity and the idealistic guiding principle in old Greek philosophy. the writer stresses the need to become independent from from a spiritual and metaphysical conception of guy that's unavoidably anthropocentric for you to build a extra scientifically dependent anthropology acceptable to take on the threats our species poses to the sizeable ecological approach on the earth.

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The scheme below (Table. 1) shows clearly that primitive men relate concepts from different domains of thought and switch without transition from one of them to another one. It comes as a surprise how smoothly they can pass in this way from living beings, like plants, to colours, from spatial concepts like wind-directions, to temporal concepts like seasons. The scheme also shows the fundamental role of associations based on pairs of opposites: north-south, eastwest, summer-winter, time-space. Their peculiar approach to reality relating all the elements to each other does not only allow them to link concepts that are disparate by their content, but also to pass without transition from the least general concept to more and more general ones; they switch from species to groups of species, then to a system of properties or categories.

The serious work is done in the study of the scientist, at his worktable, where he can sort out the material and compare the intellectual products of the different tribes. Then, digging like an archaeologist, he must try to discover under the variable cultural “superstructure” the basic universal mental patterns or the “infrastructure” that gave rise to it. As he attested, next to De Saussure, Marx and Freud were his main sources of inspiration. They taught him to forget about the seemingly obvious and to look for hidden causes.

Ten pairs of opposites. Limited Odd One Right Male In rest Straight Light Good Square ↔ ↔ ↔ ↔ ↔ ↔ ↔ ↔ ↔ ↔ Unlimited Even Multiple Left Female Moved Curved Darkness Bad Oblong Table. 1. , Vol. I, 45–46. Primitive versus Aristotelian Logic 43 Among the various elements of the list are mathematical concepts that today are emotionally neutral for us, though in the past their mystical significance has played an important role in all sorts of speculative thought. As we can see, integrated in the scheme, the elements of the pairs are either on the good side or on the bad side and accordingly have a positive or negative meaning.

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