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By Kirk McElhearn

This article covers Mac OS X Panther and its bundled functions intimately, whereas dealing with tougher themes similar to networking, net defense, instant operation, and upkeep in an approachable means.

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Mac OS X

Bei Mac OS X handelt es sich um das jüngste Betriebssystem von Apple machine. Es unterscheidet sich vom Vorgänger Mac OS nine nicht nur durch eine Vielzahl von neuen Funktionen und durch die neue Benutzeroberfläche Aqua, sondern vor allen Dingen durch die Nutzung von Mach und BSD als foundation für seine Implementierung.

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The Apple menu gives you access to the following: • About This Mac This displays a window showing the version of your Mac OS X software, which Mac you have, which processor, and how much RAM is installed. You can click the Software Update button on this window to open the Software Update application (see Chapter 22) or the More Info button to open the System Profiler application, which gives you information about your computer. • Software Update Like the Software Update button in the About screen, mentioned previously, this opens the Software Update application.

Figure 4-6: Dragging a picture to the Desktop Picture zone changes the picture immediately. Tip If you get tired of the same picture, check Change picture at the bottom of the Desktop preference pane, and then choose a frequency from the pop-up menu. This changes the Desktop picture at the selected frequency, choosing each time from the folder selected in the Collection pop-up menu. And check Random Order to have the pictures change randomly. Your Desktop need never be boring again! Customize the Finder The Finder offers a number of options that affect how certain items are displayed and how other items react.

Switching applications using the Dock or the keyboard, as previously shown, is a good way to work among these programs, but you still end up with a disorganized screen. There has to be a better way to make sense of all these windows. Chapter 4: Get to Know the Finder 43 44 Chapter 4: Get to Know the Finder Well, Apple came up with a great way to do this. 3 is Exposé. This feature lets you get a view of all your application’s windows, or all the windows of a given application, when you press a keyboard shortcut or mouse button, or move your cursor to a hot corner of your screen.

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