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By Gordon D. Fee, Douglas Stuart

This quantity courses readers in figuring out the literary dimensions of the Bible by way of incorporating ideas for studying Scripture, whereas it additionally continues faithfulness to literary genres.

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Thousands of ancient letters have been found, and most of them have a form exactly like those in the New Testament (cf. the letter of the council in Acts 15:23–29). The form consists of six parts: 1. , Paul) 2. , to the church of God in Corinth) 3. , Grace and peace to you from God our Father . ) 4. , I always thank God for you . ) 5. body 6. , The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you . ) The one variable element in this form is number 4, which in most of the ancient letters takes the form of a prayer wish (almost exactly like 3 John 2), or else is missing altogether (as in Galatians, 1 Timothy, Titus), although at times one finds a thanksgiving and prayer (as often in Paul’s letters).

3. The KJV is not only the most widely used translation in the world, it is also a classic expression of the English language. qrk 1/8/02 9:38 AM Page 38 T H E B A S I C T O O L : A G O O D T R A N S L AT I O N it coined phrases that will be forever embedded in our language. However, for the New Testament, the only Greek text available to the 1611 translators was based on late manuscripts, which had accumulated the mistakes of over a thousand years of copying. Few of these mistakes—and we must note that there are many of them— make any difference to us doctrinally, but they often do make a difference in the meaning of certain specific texts.

So what do you do? First, you need to consult your Bible dictionary or the introduction to your commentary to find out as much as possible about Corinth and its people. Among other important things, you should note that by ancient standards it was a relatively young city, only ninety-four years old when Paul first visited it. Yet because of its strategic location for commerce, it was cosmopolitan, wealthy, a patron of the arts, religious (at least twenty-six temples and shrines), and well known for its sensuality.

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