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By P. N. Elrod

Sergei, the younger brother of Strahd Von Zarovich, battles with his older sibling for the affection of Tatyana, after which wins her through getting into a pact with the satan.

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Reinhold had walked along the road for a little distance. I followed him. I'd left my guards behind. On purpose. He noticed my approach and nodded companion ably, one hand rubbing his abused stomach. " "She has enough to keep her busy. " His hand went inside his coat, but he drew out only a small flask. He removed the cork and treated himself to a good swallow. "Medicine," he grimaced. "Catnip and fennel. " We put some distance between us and the bridge; he paused and pointed. " I looked. One of the outer walls of the castle was just visible, a flash of white against the harsh winter sky.

Family matters. Ivan was right: I had no interest in such things, and they all knew it. But there was another level to discuss, and I went straight to it. " "Yes, my lord. But that hardly matters to me now. My wife…" He went on to speak of his dear Gertrude's many virtues and his concern for her continued good health. I quickly lost the thread of his talk. After all the honors and booty he'd picked up on this last campaign, Ivan's disinterest in the Dilisnya estate seemed genuine. Not so for Reinhold, the eldest and the head of the clan for the last two years.

I thanked him and rolled down my sleeve. "Very good, my lord. " Reinhold's unhappy expression was eloquent, but resigned. " "What? " I had countered. " "I think the commanders can cope for twenty-four hours without our help, and if they can't, then we'll find new officers. As for our own protection, the enemy are dead or routed. " My manner had indicated that I would not be argued out of it, so he'd accepted things. I put his present grim state down to the fact that the food was bound to disagree with him again.

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