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By Kostas Bourtzis, Thomas A. Miller

Summarizing present wisdom on symbiotic organisms within the biology of bugs, Insect Symbiosis, quantity II describes the range of symbiotic micro organism linked to pests akin to whiteflies, aphids, mealybugs, psyllids, and tsetse flies. The publication illustrates how symbiosis examine has vital ramifications for evolutionary biology, body structure, parasitology, genetics, and animal habit and is principally proper to the keep an eye on of agricultural and disease-carrying pests.

In this moment quantity, a number of repeat authors describe fresh features in their learn, whereas a brand new staff covers lately constructing points of symbiotic relationships. The e-book comprises up-to-date details on Wolbachia biology and the way it impacts insect lifestyles, provides new examples of utilizing symbionts in crop defense, and discusses the new “bug in a computer virus” mealy computer virus case. The ebook presents research and synthesis of state-of-the-art study in insect symbiosis that sheds mild at the evolution of the host/symbiont courting, and in flip, at the basic examine of evolution, body structure, and genetics.

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