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By Thomas M. Reid

The battle of the Spider Queen spreads...

A hand-picked staff of the main able drow adventurers commence a dangerous trip in the course of the treacherous Underdark, all of the whereas surrounded via the chaos of struggle. Their direction will take them during the very center of darkness, and the Underdark may be shaken to its center. If the strong darkish elves falter, the area less than is open for Insurrection.

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But since the church knows that most people believe the statements are lies, Leira could stage her own death, report the truth, and have everyone believe her dead. As usual, the gods aren’t talking about this. Lliira (Our Lady of Joy) Demipower of Arvandor, CG Portfolio: Joy, happiness, dance, festivals Requirements: Charisma 13 Wisdom 13 Weapons Allowed: Lasso, Net, Bludgeoning weapons in extreme circumstances Armor Allowed: Any Major Spheres: All, Animal, Charm, Creation, Elemental, Healing, Necromantic, Protection, Sun, Weather Minor Spheres: Divination, Plant, Summoning Granted Powers • Specialty priests of Lliira may turn undead, just as may clerics who venerate this goddess, • Specialty priests of Lliira automatically have the dancing proficiency.

When this is not possible, a cloak of red, yellow, and orange is preferred. Both specialty priests and clerics of Lliira are called Joybringers. They have no organized hierarchy or chain of command. ) Lliirans have a well-deserved reputation as festival animals and more than one adventuring company has found an empty till when it left the Lliiran priest in charge. A nasty legend has surfaced out of the Time of Troubles that Lliira hunted down and killed Leira, the Lady of the Mists, since their names are similar.

There do exist groups devoted to following him and these bands terrorize civilized areas, poaching for what they need. Priests of Malar will seek out and attempt to destroy druids, regardless of the faith that the druid professes. Because druids fight to maintain a balance, they are the antithesis of the single-minded Malarites. Druid organizations, including the Harpers, also try to seek out and destroy Malar strongholds. Mask (Lord of Shadows) Lesser Power of Hades, NE Portfolio: Thieves, intrigue Requirements: Wisdom 14 Dexterity 14 Weapons Allowed: Same as clerics plus knife Armor Allowed: Leather, padded leather, or studded leather, no shield Major Spheres: All, Astral, Charm, Combat, Divination, Guardian, Healing, Protection, Sun Minor Spheres: Elemental, Necromantic, Summoning, Weather Magical Items Allowed: Same as clerics plus devices that can be used only by thieves Granted Powers • • • Specialty priests of Mask have some thieving abilities.

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