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By Alexander Gode

It is a very entire dictionary for the vocabulary utilized in the built Language known as "Interlingua", in alphabetical order, and their translation to english, as accredited through the overseas Auxiliary Language organization.

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Hence: appendicitis; appendicula-appendicular; appendicectomia etc. ] apperception apperciper [-cip-/-cept-] v to perceive, apprehend (mentally) Hence: apperception appertinente adj appurtenant, appertinent appertinentia n [Law] appurtenance appertiner v to appertain appestar v to infect (with a plague) appetente 1. ppr of appeter; 2. adj longing, desirous (of) appetentia n appetency, appetence (= fixed and strong desire); also: appetite appeter v to crave, have a craving for Hence: appetente-appetentia, inappetenteinappetentia; appetibile; appetive; appetito appetibile adj appetible, desirable appetitive adj appetitive (= having appetite; giving appetite) appetito n appetite applanamento n (act of) flattening, smoothing, planing applanar v to flatten, smooth, plane; applanar difficultates to smooth away difficulties Hence: applanamento applattar v to flatten (= to make flat, bring level) applauder [-plaud-/-plaus-] v to applaud Hence: applauso; applauditor applauditor n applauder applaus- see applauder applauso n applause applicabile adj 1.

Unwritten, without an alphabet analphabetismo n 1. illiteracy; 2. ] analphabetism, analphabetic notation analphabeto n illiterate analysabile adj analyzable analysar v to analyze analysator n analyzer, analyst analyse (-ályse) n analysis; analyse qualitative qualitative analysis; analyse quantitative quantitative analysis; analyse infinitesimal infinitesimal calculus; in le ultime analyse in the last analysis, all things considered Hence: analysar-analysabile, analysator, analysta; psychoanalyse etc.

Roman Province in Asia Minor; 2. the continent Asia); Asia Minor Asia Minor Hence: asiatic-asiatico; Australasia etc. asiatic adj Asiatic (1. pertaining to Asia; 2. ] florid, ornate) asiatico n Asiatic asineria (-ía) n 1. asininity; 2. asinine act asinero n donkey driver asinin adj asinine asininitate n asininity asino (á-) n donkey, ass Hence: asinero; asineria; asinin-asininitate asparago (-pá-) n asparagus; asparago plumose asparagus fern aspect- see aspicaspecto n aspect (1. look, appearance; 2.

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