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By Nancy C. Dorian

During the last 500 years, part the identified languages of the realm have vanished. This complete review of the research of contracting and death languages, composed of twenty essays, investigates the huge scope of languages at present lower than possibility of extinction. those disappearances happen in assorted speech groups the place the increasing languages are either commonly used, reminiscent of English or Spanish, and no more known, equivalent to Swedish, Thai and Arabic. the quantity concludes with a glance at how examine into language obsolescence may possibly impact different facets of linguistics and anthropology--first and moment language acquisition, old linguistics, the research of pidgins and creoles, language and social method.

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It may be that this is what had already happened in NS, and nearly so around BL. It is therefore almost impossible to enumerate the Ugong population; as noted, much of the population of the Ugong villages is officially not 38 David Bradley classified as Ugong, and many Ugong have married out and are living in nearby villages where they are difficult to find. Further, there are various villages between NS and KC which people in KC cite as Ugong communities but which now claim to be entirely Thai.

The Kwegu language is nearly extinct as a result of the shifting language solidarity. Numerous other hunter-gatherer bands in eastern Africa are known to have given up their language in recent times. The following section discusses some of these cases. 2. The dying languages of other hunter-gatherer communities Hunter-gatherer bands are small by necessity, although the exact size of settlements may vary with the season. Such ecological conditions do not necessarily put a strain on their linguistic situation.

The Bantu languages at hand are spoken in Kenya and Tanzania and possibly elsewhere in the area around Lake Victoria (see, for example, the loanword sets in the Taita Bantu languages as described by Ehret and Nurse 1981). There is linguistic evidence that Cushitic groups penetrated into these areas, a claim which fits in with archaeological findings, such as burial sites, which are associated with Cushitic peoples. The Tanzanian Sandawe and Hadza share at least one typological feature 28 GerritJ.

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