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During this record, we talk about the problems you should be conscious of in the course of the transition. the data we offer is necessary to know—whether you are a newbie or a complicated ISBN consumer.

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But the Jansenists easily confuted these ridiculous assertions. They opposed to the evidence of M. Beurier, contrary testimonies infinitely more circumstantial and positive ; and, to remove every doubt, produced the writings in which Pascal explained his sentiments. Overpowered by these proofs, M. Beurier acknowledged that he had misunderstood Pascal’s words, and formally retracted his declaration. Hence- 38 LIFE OF THE AUTHOR. forward the Jesuits were forced to acknowledge that Pascal died in the principles of the most rigorous Jansenism.

He spoke so seriously that I could not doubt him. With this assurance I returned to my first doctor, and told him with much complacency, that I was sure there would soon be peace in Sorbonne; that the Jansenists admitted the power which believers have to fulfil the commandments; that I would be their security, and make them sign it with their blood. ‘All very fine,’ said he ; ‘it is necessary to be a theologian to see the bearing of it. The difference between us is so subtle, that we can scarcely define it ourselves; it would be too difficult for you to understand it ; be contented therefore to know that the Jansenists will indeed tell you, that believers have always the power to fulfil the commandments; as to this we have no dispute: but they will not tell you that this power is proximate.

The word was new and unknown to me. Hitherto I had understood matters, but this term threw me into the dark ; and I believe it has only been invented for strife. I asked for explanation, but he made a mystery of it; and without further satisfaction sent me back to ask the Jansenists, if they admitted this proximate power. I charged my memory with the term, for my understanding had no part in it. ’ PROXIMATE + POWER. ’ AS my knowledge did not go so far, I felt at my wits’ end for an answer; and nevertheless, not to make my visit useless, I said to him on chance, I understand it in the sense of the Molinists.

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