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By Javaid Rehman

Within the put up '9/11' felony and political atmosphere, Islam and Muslims were linked to terrorism. Islamic civilization has more and more been characterised as backward, insular, stagnant and not able to house the calls for of the twenty first century, and ameliorations and schisms among Islam and the west are being perceived as huge and insurmountable. '9/11' terrorist assaults have regrettably supplied important ammunition to the critics of Islam and those that champion a 'clash of civilizations'. during this unique and incisive learn, the writer investigates the connection among Islamic legislations, states practices and foreign terrorism. It provides an in depth research of the resources of Islamic legislations and stories the recommendations of Jihad, spiritual freedom and minority rights inside Sharia and Siyar. In removing latest misconceptions, the booklet presents an intensive statement of the contributions made through Islamic states within the improvement of overseas legislation, together with norms at the prohibition of terrorism. It offers a lucid debate on such key matters inside of classical and sleek Islamic country practices as diplomatic immunities, prohibitions on hostage-taking, aerial and maritime terrorism, and the financing of terrorism. The publication surveys the prejudice and injustices inside foreign law—a felony approach ruled and operated on the behest of a decide on band of robust states. It forewarns that unilateralism and the undermining of human rights values within the identify of the 'war on terrorism' is generating robust reactions inside Muslim states.

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13 Mahmassani, n 4 above, at 229; Coulson, n 7 above, at 13; K Zweigert and H Kötz, Introduction to Comparative Law, 3rd edn (Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1998) 305. 14 Ibid. 15 See below. The Sources of the Sharia and Siyar 13 Prophet Muhammad’s Sunna took on board a more profound spiritual and religious meaning. It was to be, after the word of God, the most revered source of knowledge and legal acumen. The Sunna of Prophet Muhammad in the words of one scholar ‘is an idea as well as a memory, and even it is an ideal for Muslim behavior.

It is in this context that the fateful Hadith attributed to the Prophet ‘My people will never agree together in error’ takes on meaning. If the earlier decisions of legal experts and judges were accepted through Ijma as definitive, then nothing more was to be attained from a survey of new cases save to utilise them for guidance as correct precedents. The Shafi school is predominant in Malaysia and Indonesia, Southern Arabia, East Africa, Lower Egypt and most of the Indian Ocean littoral. The fourth school of thought, the Hanabali school, was founded by another contemporary of al-Shafi, Ahmad Hanbal (d 855/241) who carried Al-Shafi’s enthusiasm to a new level.

The principle of Naskh allows for a process of abrogation or repeal of the legal efficacy of a Qur’anic verse. The revelation of the Qur’an coincides with the metamorphosis undergone by the Arab community over a period of twenty-three years. 40 The 36 R Hassain, ‘The Role and Responsibilities of Women in the Legal and Religious Tradition of Islam’, paper presented at a biannual meeting of a Trialogue of Jewish-ChristianMuslim scholars on 14 October 1980 at the Joseph and Rose Kennedy Institute of Ethics, Washington, DC, USA at 4.

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