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By G. L. Stebbins (auth.), Douglas E. Soltis, Pamela S. Soltis, Theodore R. Dudley Ph.D. (eds.)

An broad evaluation by means of many authors of a slightly new promising box of study... Blumea; The authors and editors' of this quantity are to be congratulated in generating an engaging and beneficial evaluation of isozymes in plant biology. - Plant progress law

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Most banding patterns, however, lose some clarity with fixation or storage, and for this reason they are often scored and/or photographed a few minutes after stopping the staining reaction. Many types of photographic equipment and films are satisfactory. We routinely use a 35 mm SLR camera with ASA 100 color print film or Kodak technical pan 2415, and photograph the gels with illumination provided by a light box from underneath and floodlamps from above. Prints so obtained often are as easily and accurately scored as the original gel slices.

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