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Miller (formerly Muller) who was the curator of the Institution, the eminent surgeon Richard Smith, John Bishop Estlin, and the Revd Lant Carpenter as well as Carpenter's son, the physician William Benjamin. 94 By the mid-twenties Prichard's reputation was established, the fact being sealed by his election into the Royal Society of London in 1827 (most probably he was elected in response to his publication of the second edition of the Researches). His schedule was tight. In addition to his private practice, and his obligations at Saint Peter's Hospital and the Infirmary, he gave medical lectures at the Infirmary and literary lectures at the Philosophical and Literary Society where he also held various functions.

Not one of the centres of British industrialization, it was yet one of Britain's five biggest towns. Its inhabitants came from all social strata, . paupers and poor labourers crowding into the cheap parishes at the muddy banks of the Avon, the better-off residing in the parishes of Saint Michael, Saint Augustine or way up in Clifton. After the turn of the century, however, Bristol's economy slowly but steadily declined. The population rose to 85 000 but its mercantile power was relatively stagnant.

On the other hand, there were the more open-minded "gay", "Evangelicals". They relied on the word of the Bible, but they were not adverse to questioning its meaning to understand it properly: Biblical scholarship and even Biblical criticism were part and parcel of their spiritual life. Even though they would not have admitted it, evangelical Quakers could agree on many theological matters with other religious dissenters. 55 The evangelical side of Quaker faith has been perceptively described by Elisabeth Isichei: "Their theology was rooted in the concept of Original Sin.

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