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By Carl Albing, Michael Schwarz

Why one other e-book on Java? Why a publication on Java and Linux? Isn’t Java a platform-independent procedure? Aren’t there adequate books on Java? Can’t I examine every little thing i have to comprehend from the Web?
No doubt, there are a number of Java books out there. We didn’t get up one morning and say, “You recognize what the area fairly wishes? one other booklet approximately Java!” No. What we learned was once that there are a number of “holes” within the Java publication market.
First, Linux as a improvement platform and deployment platform for Java functions has been mostly missed. this is often even though the *nix platform (meaning all UNIX and UNIX-like structures, Linux incorporated) has lengthy been well-known as some of the most programmer-friendly structures in existence.
Those few assets for Java on Linux that exist emphasize instruments to the exclusion of the Java language and APIs.
Second, books at the Java language and APIs have excited by pedagogical examples that serve to demonstrate the main points of the language and its libraries, yet only a few of those examples are in themselves virtually valuable, and so they are likely to deal simply with the problems of writing courses, and never in any respect with deploying and keeping them. an individual who has labored on a tremendous software program undertaking, specially a software program venture that's built and deployed in a enterprise for a company, is aware that designing and coding are just approximately 1/2 the paintings concerned. sure, writing Java code is barely a little bit suffering from the improvement and the deployment platform, however the strategy of freeing and conserving such purposes is considerably various among structures.

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Shell scripts are just shell commands stored in a file so that you don’t need to type the same commands and options over and over. There are two ways to run a shell script. 3 Basic Linux Concepts and Commands 25 where myscript is the name of the file in which you have put your commands. ) Once you’ve got a script running the way you’d like, you might want to make its invocation as seamless as any other command. To do that, change its permissions to include the execution permission and then, if the file is located in a place that your PATH variable knows about, it will run as a command.

When you move the file, you can give it a new name. If you move it without putting it in a different directory, well, that’s just renaming the file. java .. java . java, while leaving the file in the same directory. way is an already existing directory. way. The next example just moves the two Java source files up one level, to the parent directory. ” is a feature of every Linux directory. ” points to the directory itself. ” Whatever other reasons there may be, it certainly is a handy shorthand to refer to the current directory.

Java do new="G${i}" echo $i ' ==> ' $new mv $i $new done You could just type those commands from the command line—that’s the nature of shell syntax. But putting them into a file lets you test out the script without having to type it over and over, and keeps the correct syntax once 26 Chapter 1 An Embarrassment of Riches: The Linux Environment you’ve got it debugged. java ... $ Imagine having to rename 200 files. Now imagine having to do that with a point-and-click interface. It could take you all morning.

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