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By Anatole Olczak

While you are a Unix or Linux Shell programmer, this e-book offers you the sensible recommendation and technical suggestions you will want that allows you to develop into expert in all features of the Korn Shell and improve your programming abilities. From easy introductory strategies via to complicated programming innovations, you are going to find out how to: customise your Unix and Linux environments Write and debug Korn Shell scripts Fine-tune Korn Shell scripts for quicker execution Illustrated all through with expansive pattern courses and easy-to-apply examples, plus whole ready-to-run scripts, this e-book will turn out an imperative advisor and technical reference for the Korn Shell.

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Would match files names beginning with the letters a through j, l, m, r, and 3 through 7. The ! Character The ! character can be used with [] to reverse the match. a] matches any character, except a. This is another very useful pattern matching character, since frequently you want to match everything except something. d]* a abc ab mobkup1 mobkup2 Multiple and range arguments can also be negated. Z. 5. Basic Pattern-Matching Characters ? /span>z] . match zero or more characters, including null match any character or characters between the brackets match any character or characters in the range x to z match any character or characters in the range a to c, e to g match any character or characters not between the brackets match any character or characters not in the range x to z strings starting with .

This example prints the fifth element of the DAY array variable. Remember that array subscripts start with 0, so the third array element has a subscript of 2, and the fifth element has a subscript of 4: $ print ${DAY[4/2]} Wed $ print ${DAY[7-6+5-4+3-2+1] Fri Variable expansion can also be used to generate a subscript value. $ X=6 $ print ${DAY[$X]} Sun Array Variable Attributes As with ordinary variables, attributes can be assigned to array-type variables. Arrays can also be declared, and assigned values and attributes with the typeset command: typeset attribute variable[0]=value variable[1]=value.

It's like the grep command, except that Korn shell patterns are used, instead of regular expression syntax that grep recognizes. The source code for match is listed in Appendix D. *(pattern) This format matches any zero or more occurrences of pattern. You could find words that contained any number of consecutive A's: $ match *(A) A AAA AAAAAAAA Multiple patterns can also be given, but they must be separated with a | character. Let's try it with match: $ match *(A|i) A AAA AAAAAA i ii iii iiiiii This pattern matches anti, antic, antigen, and antique: $ match anti*(c|gen|que) anti antic antigen antique This format is also good for matching numbers.

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