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By Francesca Merlan

The highlanders of latest Guinea are well known for his or her complex platforms of ceremonial alternate. This ebook is the 1st to pay attention to alternate occasions and the flowery oratory used at them. concentrating on a striking set of war reimbursement funds which, for the 1st time, concerned girls as transactors, Francesca Merlan and Alan Rumsey boost our figuring out of the interplay among social buildings and ancient occasions, and of the the most important function of speak. This e-book may be of distinct curiosity to anthropologists and linguists.

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Ryan 1961 with A. Strathern 1971, Meggitt 1974, Feil 1984). It is, however, similar in that both individuals and named segmentary groups or categories are locally slated as contenders in the game. Lederman (1980, 1986a) distinguishes between two different, partially contradictory bases on which Mendi exchange is organized: 1) the public arena of sem onda (segmentary groups), to which women contribute as producers and as affinal and ma trilateral points of linkage - M. Stra thern7s (1972a) 'women in between' but into which they are not permitted to enter as transactors; and, 2) the personal sphere of twem - ego-centered relational networks of affines, cognatic kinsmen and unrelated exchange partners - within which women transact on a potentially equal footing with men.

This has done a great deal to expand and expedite travel connections in the western Nebilyer area - though during the time of our fieldwork, the nearest vehicle to Kailge which regularly plied the road, as both PMV (Public Motor Vehicle, licensed to carry paying passengers) and supply vehicle, belonged to the Palimung trade-store, about 25-30 minutes' walk east of Kailge 20 The setting 21 (see Map 2). A visiting priest drove in from Tabuga (/tapula/) on the Highlands Highway to hold mass every two or three weeks at Kailge.

A few exceptional years of high coffee prices established coffee as a seasonal source of cash income, large amounts of which could be channeled into exchange. Around this time, the kina and bailer, though they are still valued and used as decoration today, definitely fell out of use as currency in this area. The planting of coffee small-holdings was taken up by people in our part of the Valley. We knew of no Kailge families who were without some coffeeholdings. , non-staple 'luxury7 items such as bananas, sugar cane, red pandanus, and taro (cf.

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