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By Steven E. Schend

Constructed from out-of-print fabric initially present in FR3 Empires of the Sands, this enlargement offers greater than one hundred fifty pages of latest details. what is within: * ebook One: Tethyr (96 pages) offers the various points of Tethyr, from its starting place as an elven place of birth via its upward push and fall as a human state and as much as its contemporary recovery from anarchy. * booklet : Amn (64 pages) collates all that's Amn - or, as a few name it, the Coinland. * ebook 3: Erlkazar & folks of Intrigue (32 pages) unearths the previously undocumented area of Erlkazar, east of Tethyr - a space able to be fleshed out by means of DMs to fit their person campaigns. * poster maps aspect the Lands of Intrigue, the Pirate Isles of the Nelanther, and the guts of the long-dead Shoon Empire, the monster-riddled ruins of Shoonach.

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Of all the varied tales of gods and priests rallying marauders from the villages all about Tethyr, only one can be traced to a particular known person: Dlatha Faenar, a priestess of Beshaba. A number of accounts link her to a visit at the camp of General Sharboneth the night before the attack on Castle Tethyr. She was also seen on the ramparts of the castle the night it fell. Her exact actions and involvement with the fall of Tethyr are unknown, and she cannot be approached at the Spires against the Stars for questioning.

The Tethyrian loyalists fought for their freedom for nearly four years, secretly backed by the former Shoon puppet king of Tethyr, who failed to quell the uprisings. King Silvyr, the rightful heir, was an elf thanks to his halfelven sire and elven mother; he still could prove a direct line of descent from King Nishan II by virtue of Arhymeria’s dagger, which could be drawn only by one of the House Ithal. By the summer of the Year of Killing Ice (449 DR), Silvyr and his “raiders” became an army that marched on Ithmong and took it from the empire.

Letters written by the queen prove she was a loving, compassionate woman who had only formal court ties to her former family, the Shoon of Calimshan. The only relative with whom she maintained contact was her youngest brother Amuhl, and he was to arrive at Ithulyr a month after the birthday celebration. The letters mention a number Of peaceful, entertaining spells she was developing for her husband’s birthday, which may help explain the lack of magical firepower against the pirates. —H Tethyr fell into chaos with the destruction of its royalty and the crumbling of the clans.

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