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By Paul Eggert

This choice of essays through individual students explores the diversity, scope and sheer verve of Lawrence's comedian writing. Lawrence's novels, brief tales, performs, letters and poems are jam-packed with comedian moments that enhance his critique of the fashionable failure of the mystic impulse. Lawrence used comedy to create another cultural and social area, to distance himself from the dominant orthodoxy surrounding him. This ebook revises the preferred snapshot of Lawrence as a humorless author and divulges his strategic use of a real comedian expertise.

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Pp. 108-9. g. Nehls, ii. S. Eliot, To Criticise the Critic (New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1965), p. 25. David Garnett, The Go/den EcMChatto&Windus, 1953), p. 245. Drama and mimicry in Lawrence 43 9 Nehls, iii. 99; Frieda Lawrence to Richard Aldington, May [1954], Frieda Lawrence and her Circle, ed. Harry T. Moore and Dale B. Montague (Macmillan, 1981), pp. 105-6. " (Santa Fe: Rydal Press, 1934), pp. 61-2. 11 Nehls, iii. 83. , iii. , A Personal Record, p. 30. 13 Richard Aldington, Portrait of a Genius, But...

But she went on to make a point about Lawrence which she - an exceptionally self-conscious person herself-was in a good position to make: 'He loved to act and was perfectly unselfconscious about it. We used to imitate each other in the syllables we were acting out and I wish you could have seen him and Frieda being Tony and me in the front seat of the car...! '20 The point about Lawrence's unselfconsciousness in these performances is crucial. A man as self-conscious and untouchable as Lawrence especially enjoyed such occasions, and Mabel Luhan could not help noticing it.

I hope he's going ahead with the destruction of himself," said the quick voice of the Russian. Halliday giggled, and lolled his head back, vaguely. "There's not much to destroy in [Birkin]," said the Pussum. " "Oh, isn't it beautiful! I love reading it! " squealed Halliday. — 'It is a desire for the reduction process in oneself, a reducing back to the origins, a return along the Flux of Corruption, to the original rudimentary conditions of being—' Oh, but I do think it is wonderful. It almost supersedes the Bible—"29 36 JohnWorthen But Birkin is by no means the only such central, comic Lawrentian figure in these novels.

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