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EXPERIMENT 8. AUGERRECOMBINATION: Considerable experimental evidence now exists to suggest that Auger recombination is important in determining the temperature sensitivity of InGaAsP lasers. Direct confirmation of the importance of Auger recombination in this material has been provided by time-decay measurements (Fig. 24 R. J. NELSON AND N. K. DUTTA 50 -. 16. 3 pm) at 300 K. Calculated radiative lifetime is shown by the solid curve; derived nonradiative lifetime is shown by dashed curve. [From Sermage et al.

12a, whereas the phonon-assisted processes are shown in Fig. 12b. The CCCH recombination mechanism, which involves two electrons and a hole, is dominant in n-type material (In the notation of recombination mechanisms, C stands for the conduction band, H for heavy holes, L for light I . InGaAsP/InP LASER STRUCTURES AND PERFORMANCE CCCH ' CHHS 17 CHHL SPLIT-OFF BAND CCCHP CHHSP CHHLP E FIG. 12. (a) Band-to-band Auger processes in direct band-gap material. (b) Phonon-assisted Auger processes. ) Beattie and Landsberg ( 1959)considered this process to explain the experimental results ofTauc ( 1959)on InSb.

Threshold currents for continuous active-layer lasers with built-in waveguides as low as 50 mA have been reported for stable single lateral-mode lasers. The lowest reported threshold currents for several different types of index-guided lasers in each of three general classifications are given in Table V. Also given in Table V are the Tovalues reported for each structure along with the highest operating temperature reported for 5 mW output. Further discussion of the latter is given in Section 17.

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