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By Susan Matteson

To assist Linux machine storage clients get past the fundamentals of this open resource software program, a Linux guru (guruess?) bargains approach instruments and information for functional or even enjoyable functions comparable to organizing electronic images, enjoying MP3 song documents, and emulating the Nintendo video game process. The consultant concludes with a thesaurus and an invaluable Windows-to-Linux conversion precis chart. The significant other CD-ROM permits use of Linux with out beginning home windows. a website of aiding fabrics is usually to be had.

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The installer takes a guess at your mouse and keyboard and then shows those to you in a list of choices. If you are happy with what was detected, go on to the next step. When the installer cannot figure out what input devices you are using, one of the generic choices is selected. You can change the selection to your specific input devices by scrolling through the list. One choice you might not be familiar with is emulating a three-button mouse. In many of Linux's desktop environments and programs, your middle mouse button is assigned functions.

Network Computer Server Software tools for the domain server on a network are in this choice. This group also contains the programs and utilities for sharing files on your computer with other computers on your network. If you plan to share files with Windows or Mac computers on the network, add this. Mandrake gives you a warning when installing some of these servers that could present potential security problems later. The warning is a nice feature so that you're aware of the slight risk. KDE Workstation KDE is Mandrake's default desktop environment.

It's a good thing. Add it. Web/FTP If you are running a Web server or FTP server from your computer, add this. Web language programming packages, such as PHP, are included here. 33 34 Mail Just as the title says, this group is all the stuff for running a mail server. Database This group is full of database server programs, such as MySQL and PostgreSQL. Firewall/Router Add these programs and tools if your computer serves as the Internet gateway on your network. This isn't the choice for your computer's own firewall.

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