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By Stan P., Klimas M.

A whole reference for brand spanking new Linux clients who desire to organize and administer their very own Linux domestic computing device, notebook and/or their domestic or small workplace community. The solutions are supposed to be basic, with simply enough aspect, and regularly supported with a comfortably usable instance. The paintings continues to be in growth, yet we are hoping the advisor will be worthy already.

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2 How do I write a simple GUI program (using Tk)? Tk is a GUI extension of the easy yet powerful tcl programming language. " pound-bang) tells the shell what utility to use to execute my text file. The next two lines are an example of a simple tk program. First, I created a button called "my_button" and placed it at the root of my class hierarchy (the dot in front of "my_button"). To the button, I tied the text "Hello World" and a command that exists the program (when the button is pressed). Last line makes my program’s window adjust its size to just big enough to contain my button.

The ownership of a file can be changed using the commands chown (change owner) and chgrp (change group), which are normally executed by root: chown peter junk chgrp peter junk ls -l junk After executing the above 3 lines, the command ls-l junk produces this output on my screen: -rwx------ 1 peter peter 27 Apr 25 20:27 junk Changing the file ownership comes handy if you move/copy files around as root for use by other users. At the end of your housekeeping you typically want to hand-in the file ownership to the proper user.

At this prompt, I entered my command "cdplay" and then pressed the control key and "d" simultaneously to finish the input. If instead of pressing d , I pressed "ENTER", the next "at>" prompt would appear, at which I would be able to enter the next command to be executed right after "cdplay", also at 7:00. And so on, I could have had many commands scheduled for execution one by one starting at 7:00. After typing the last command, I would finish the input with d. Think of the d as sending "end-of-file" to the current input.

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