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A special source that exhibits Linux kernel AND Linux program programmers how you can write bug-free code that is optimized for functionality. 1) Debugging thoughts for Linux functions and the kernel 2) functionality tuning options for Linux software and the kernel. three) pattern courses that exhibit how debugging instruments can locate programming error. four) pattern courses that exhibit how profiling instruments can convey which exercises functions spend the main time in. five) Key positive factors that may be arrange within the kernel to catch information as soon as an issue happens.

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5. 82% coverage.

17. Building sample2 with gcov and running sample2. [View full size image] . com to register it. 18. Running sample2 and getting gcov output. com to register it. 10 shows gcov output for the sample2 program. 10. com to register it. Thanks -: 24: } -: 25: 49999: 26:int prime (int num) { -: 27: /* check to see if the number is a prime? */ 49999: 28: int i; 1061109: 29: for (i=2; i <= faster(num); i++) 1055976: 30: if (num %i == 0) 44866: 31: return 0; 5133: 32: return 1; -: 33: } -: 34: -: 35:int faster (int num) 1061109: 36: { 1061109: 37: return (int) sqrt( (float) num); -: 38: } -: 39: The for loop in the prime routine has been reduced from 121 million executions to 1 million executions.

12. com to register it. 12. The version of gprof. gprof is in the binutils package. For you to use the utility, the package must be installed on your system. One useful gprof option -b. 74 seconds. 67 seconds. The prime routine is called 49,999 times. 6. 01 seconds. com to register it. Thanks Next we can use the gcov program to look at the actual number of times each line of the program was executed. 13. 14. 13. Building sample1 with gcov options. 14. Running sample1 and creating gcov output. com to register it.

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