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Brace youself, simply because the following comes QuickSteps: the short, effortless, available details on Mac OS X Panther in a full-color cookbook-style structure. presents solutions to your whole How-do-I questions in a concise and significant method. Lengthwise web page structure enables effortless web page viewing. precious assistance and cautions are displayed within the margins in order that they do not holiday the circulation of the short steps themselves.

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Mac OS X

Bei Mac OS X handelt es sich um das jüngste Betriebssystem von Apple computing device. Es unterscheidet sich vom Vorgänger Mac OS nine nicht nur durch eine Vielzahl von neuen Funktionen und durch die neue Benutzeroberfläche Aqua, sondern vor allen Dingen durch die Nutzung von Mach und BSD als foundation für seine Implementierung.

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Zip extension. 3. If necessary, click the object’s name once (in Icons view) or twice with a pause (in List view or Columns view), type the new name, and press return. To open a zip archive, double-click it. 3 (Panther) and later have a feature named FileVault, which can automatically encrypt all the objects stored in your Home folder using a security protocol that’s extremely hard to crack. Decide Whether to Use FileVault FileVault is turned off by default because, while it’s extremely secure, if you forget your password, you can lose access to your own files—permanently.

Click System Preferences | Quit System Preferences to close System Preferences. Change Language and Regional Settings Mac OS X lets you determine which language it uses for menus and dialog boxes as well as how numbers, dates, currency, and time are displayed and used. Tip After changing the language, you must log out and log in again to make the change take effect. Alternatively, you can restart your Mac, if you find that easier. Change the Language To change the language Mac OS X uses: 1. Open and click System Preferences.

It also lets you start and stop applications and close Mac OS X. While it is possible to control most aspects of Mac OS X without a mouse, it is much more difficult and usually slower to do so. This makes it vital to configure your mouse so that it works as comfortably as possible. If you have a PowerBook or an iBook, you can configure its built-in trackpad for speed and comfort. This configuration is independent of the mouse configuration. Customize the Mouse 1. Open and click System Preferences to open the System Preferences window.

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