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By James Wyatt

A brand new resource of energy for the Dungeons & Dragons® roleplaying game!This complement introduces a mystical substance referred to as incarnum into the D&D video game. With this booklet, the avid gamers characters can meld incarnum—the energy of souls residing, lifeless, and unborn—into magical goods or even their very own our bodies, granting them distinct assaults, defenses, and different talents (much as magic goods and spells do). Incarnum will be formed and reshaped into new kinds, giving characters super versatility within the dungeon and on any battlefield.This publication additionally beneficial properties new sessions, status sessions, feats, and different concepts for characters wishing to discover the secrets and techniques of incarnum, in addition to principles and suggestion for together with incarnum in a D&D crusade.

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Prerequisites: Con 13, ability to form a mind blade. Benefit: Once per day, you can invest essentia into this feat. You can expend your psionic focus when making an attack with your mind blade to gain an insight bonus on the damage roll equal to 1d6 per point of invested essentia. You must decide whether or not to use this feat prior to making the attack roll. If your attack misses, you still expend your psionic focus. Once the amount of essentia invested is chosen, it cannot be altered and remains invested for 24 hours.

See Chapter 8: Incarnum Campaigns for more advice about incorporating incarnum into your campaign. Totemists have close ties to an existing fi xture of almost all D&D worlds—the magical beasts that make up common encounters in most games. For this reason, a player with a totemist can easily feel an important and meaningful part even of a campaign that otherwise makes little use of incarnum. Even if a totemist character never sees another character or creature that uses incarnum and never acquires an incarnum-based magic item, he still has a place in the world and a unique relationship to the magical beasts all around him.

Once the amount of essentia invested is chosen, it cannot be altered and remains invested for 24 hours. You gain 1 point of essentia. indd 39 7/12/05 9:08:15 AM Crown: +1 insight bonus on Will saves. Feet: +1 insight bonus on Balance and Move Silently checks. Hands: +1 insight bonus on Climb and Swim checks. Special: You can gain this feat multiple times. Its effects do not stack. Each time you take the feat, it applies to a new least chakra. CHARACTER OPTIONS CHAPTER 3 OPEN LESSER CHAKRA You open up one of your body’s centers of power, allowing you to bind a soulmeld or a magic item to that chakra.

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