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This quantity explores the types of wisdom generated through exoticizing the topic studied. It analyzes monogamy in Western cultures from a cultural distance. First, from the cultural point of view of a Kenyan author who underlines the ethical evils unwittingly generated by means of a process implementing common monogamy and producing annual cohorts of illegitimate kids. Then, the essay considers the case of France, which, beginning within the 1970’s, replaced its legislation concerning kids born out of wedlock. Such childrens have now develop into valid. Unwittingly, this has allowed for polygyny or polyandry to develop into criminal techniques for French ladies and men. The research is additional prolonged to Western Europe, Latin American international locations and to the modern U.S.A. with its polyamory circulation, the place criminal results just like these of France have occurred.

The quantity examines monogamy by utilizing the epistemological process that's generally utilized in the anthropological examine of cultures except one’s personal, displaying how unique and weird the process of monogamy can glance, while saw from afar, from the eyes of many non-Westerners. It provides perception into planes of the human Western event that might commonly stay invisible. scholars and academics will have fun with the close-to-home debates encouraged via this evocative thought-provoking essay.

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It therefore cannot be stated that the wife-plus-mistress(es) system has completely disappeared. In certain social classes and other groups divorce is still not morally acceptable. Besides, by divorcing and remarrying, do we really remain within strictly monogamous practices? Many Westerners do not believe so. Thus, for strict Catholics, a marriage can only be dissolved on the death of one spouse (unless the union breaches certain rules, such as incest prohibitions, in which case the marriage is declared to have been null and void from the beginning).

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Htm (retrieved Dec. 17, 2011). This is why, up to the end of World War II, Jewish marriages were recognized only as mere concubinage in some Catholic countries such as Poland. 22 2 Monogamy? Exoticizing a 3,000-Year-Old Pre-Christian Western Tradition in the cross-currents of the Reformation and the Counter-Reformation, concubinage or marriage performed privately, even monogamous unions, were finally denied any recognition at the Council of Trent (1545–1563) (Ariès 1982). The Church thus resurrected the prehistoric Teutons’ and early Romans’ conceptions of marriage as a sacred institution following a rigorously monogamous standard, beliefs possibly of even earlier Indo-European polytheist origin, as Fustel de Coulanges (1956: 47–48) and Fortunato (2011) suggest.

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