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The Bible is also the story of my life. In fact, until I understand how it's my story, I won't begin to understand how it's the story of anyone else's life. These things weren't written so I could distance myself from other people, past or present. Rather, they were written so I would know not just about other people in their strange worlds, but about myself in my strange world. The Bible invites me to see that their story is my story. Page 37 The Bible Isn't Your Enemy The Bible is the story of our lives.

Perhaps there was a day when we knew it as a friend. But what about today? People who seem to know the most about the Bible may be as far away from it as people who don't seem to know much about it at all. Sometimes we divide people into experts and nonexperts when it comes to knowledge about the Bible. But this may not be a helpful distinction. I remember my grandmother telling me over and over that an expert is only someone a long way from home. If you want to be an expert, just travel to another country.

These discoveries invite us to see the story of Adam and Eve, along with the entire Bible, in ways we weren't taught to see them. Human Limitations Our first discovery is deceptively simple: Adam and Eve were limited as individuals in the same ways we are limited. We sometimes imagine that they were unlimited, even though Page 40 the story never says this. It isn't difficult to imagine some of their limitations. For example, they had to eat and sleep, and they needed clean air and fresh water, just as we do.

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