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This publication makes an attempt to teach how you can arrive at an summary method which characterizes accurately traditional language. this can be performed by means of taking the information of language and discovering in the info such kin as will be geared up right into a appropriate version. the matter the following was once to not discover a extensive mathematical approach during which the constitution of language will be incorporated, yet to discover what kinfolk, or particularly family between family, have been priceless and adequate for language constitution. Then something that is an interpretation of the version can do the paintings of traditional language. variations of the summary process are then thought of, which function versions for language-like and information-bearing platforms.

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In some cases the results of 22 MATIIEMATICAL STRUCTURES OF LANGUAGE the pair test are problematic, and in some cases the decision as to whether a phonemic distinction exists, and of what kind, is adjusted on the grounds of later grammatical considerations. But the direct results of the pair test furnish a starting point, a first approximation to a set of ultimate elements adequate for characterization of language. Utterances are phonetic sequences of sounds or symbols. One can rerun the pair test on tape recordings which are cut so as to reveal what segment of the utterances sufficed for the distinction which the test had established.

These are the phonemic segments of the utterance. , all phonemic segments immediately preceding and following, up to a reasonable distance) of all occurrences of XI differ in phonemic composition from all neighborhoods of X2' A single phonemic symbol X can obviously be used for both XI and X 2 , for we can always tell from the phonemic neighborhood whether X represents XI or X2 (which are called variants of X). These classes of phonemic segments, each of whose "variant" members differs in its neighborhood from each other member, are the phonemes of the language, roughly the letters of its alphabet.

5 phonemes precede final nee, 20 phonemes precede final anee. The first row of figures beneath the word gives the number of different phonemes which follow the initial sequence on their left; the number below each figure gives the average number of followers to each follower. 9 different phonemes after them in this initial sequence. Correction for the ratio to Markov chain neighbors has not been made here. As before, the morphemeseparating dots were not included in the text; they were inserted here in order to judge the result.

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