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By Dorothy Jean Weaver

This publication deals a particular approach to the interpretative problems surrounding Matthew's Missionary Discourse. whereas the discourse right lies inside of a story framework designating the atmosphere of its supply, the defined undertaking doesn't in any respect issues trust the exact surroundings. Weaver shifts consciousness from historical-critical to literary-critical issues. instead of targeting the ancient setting(s) of the disciples' mission(s), she analyses the function of Mt. 9.35-11.1 inside its literary environment within the Gospel and assesses the effect of this article at the reader of the Gospel.

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The first of these is 'authorial equivalence', the extent to which the implied reader is willing to identifY the narrator of a text with the implied author of that text. As Lanser views it, Ordinarily, the unmarked case of narration for public narrators is that the narrating voice is equated with the textual author (the extrafictional voice or 'implied author') unless a different case is marked-signaled-by the text. In other words, in the absence of direct markings which separate the public narrator from the extrafictional voice, so long as it is possible to give meaning to the text within the equation author=narrator, readers will conventionally make this equation.

116 As a result, the implied reader sees a multi-faceted Jesus interacting with an entire spectrum of single-faceted characters. 34, therefore, Matthew's narrator provides a far greater quantity of information about Jesus than about any other single character or group of characters. The second index of the narrator's affinity to or distance from the characters of his story is 'focalization'. l 17 The narrator has three choices to make in determining how he will 50 Matthew's Missionary Discourse focalize his story.

7 3 Matthew's narrator can thus be described as an indirect narrator who nevertheless stands immediately behind the written text. The attitude of the narrator. 7 4 The narrator's attitude toward the act of narrating reveals itself in the relative 'self-consciousness' or 'unconsciousness' displayed by the narrator in regard to the writing of his text. 34 to the act of narrating. But he makes it evident through his use of commentary that he is narrating his story in an attempt to communicate directly and convincingly with an implied readership.

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