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By Bob Walsh

Micro-independent software program owners, or micro-ISVs, became either a huge resource of functions and a practical occupation substitute for IT execs. As for the latter&emdash;are you a programmer and inquisitive about being your individual boss? the place do you switch for info? earlier, on-line and standard literature haven't stuck up with the truth of the bust.

Micro-ISV: From imaginative and prescient to Reality explains what works and why in today's rising micro-ISV area. presently, millions of programmers construct and convey nice strategies ISV-style, incomes good fortune and sales a lot higher than it's possible you'll bet. Written by way of and for micro-ISVs, with aid from the various leaders of the field&emdash;this publication takes you past simply having a pipe dream to working your personal enterprise. It completely explores the way it is certainly attainable to release and hold a small and profitable ISV company, and is a perfect learn if you're drawn to getting started.

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When I interviewed Sink for this book, I asked him if he had any other points to add: People who don’t think source control is helpful for one person are usually the same people who think they can live without it for a team of two or three. So they try to “just get by,” storing their files on a public file server. Anyone who has experienced the pain of this situation has realized that source control is always worth the trouble for any plurality of developers and has vowed never to repeat the mistake.

Don’t. Planning is good, and you’ll need to do some, but all the plans in the world aren’t going to earn you a single dollar. Also, you don’t yet know what you don’t know that you need to know. Plan in broad strokes, and fill in as needs and circumstances dictate, but paralysis by analysis has been the downfall of many too obsessive IT people. Rule 5: Law 1440 doesn’t take a day off: Just like gravity, you can’t ignore that you get 1,440 minutes to the day and no more. If you haven’t gotten good at managing your time and tasks at your day job, you need to find the time and task management procedures that work for you.

I’ll have a lot more to say about micro-ISVs, a whole book in fact, but the last point I want to make before getting to the part of this chapter you really want to read (how to start your micro-ISV) is that a few years ago, we hit a point of discontinuity. Although today’s micro-ISV can trace its roots back to when shareware was born more than 20 years ago, micro-ISVs are more than that. For starters, with the laudable exception of people and companies under the open source banner, self-funded start-ups don’t merely hope to get paid—they do get paid, or the software stops or the account is canceled.

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