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This quantity explores microRNA functionality in a wide range of human problems, supplying a medical foundation for precision drugs and customized remedies utilizing those molecules. The twenty-one chapters, all authored via internationally-renowned specialists, open with an advent contextualizing microRNA manipulation inside today’s projects in the direction of precision medication. the subsequent chapters discover the scientific position of microRNAs within the prognosis and remedy of metabolic and cardiovascular problems, targeting mitochondrial health, arterial high blood pressure, cardiovascular home improvement, cerebrovascular sickness, pulmonary high blood pressure, diabetic kidney disorder, and kidney transplantation. the following chapters speak about the significance of microRNAs within the wound therapeutic strategy and in epidermis sickness, within the pathogenesis of hypersensitivity, in human ovulation, and in an infection. The e-book concludes with chapters which define the rising position of microRNAS in doping and aspect microRNA profiling.

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Therefore, miR-146a may provide an efficient means to suppress glia-mediated neuroinflammation, although the contribution of miR-146a per se to pain caused by arthritis remains unknown. miRNAs in Visceral Pain Visceral pain arises from an enormous range of diseases associated with inflammation, mechanical stresses, cancers, or unknown causes. Microarray or TaqMan array analyses revealed miRNA dysregulation in colonic biopsies [104] and whole-blood samples [105] from patients with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and bladder biopsies from patients with bladder pain syndrome (BPS) [106].

MiR-182-96-183 is a miRNA cluster that includes three distinct miRNAs (miR-182, miR-96, and miR-183) located close to one another on the genome, and is possibly transcribed as a single common primary transcript. All three cluster members were highly enriched in the DRG and were downregulated in DRG neurons after spinal nerve ligation [55]. Accordingly, miR-96 and miR-183 were shown to suppress neuropathic pain induced by traumatic peripheral nerve injury [56, 57]. 3 upregulation in the DRG after nerve injury.

Wang Z. miRNA in the regulation of ion channel/transporter expression. Compr Physiol. 2013;3:599–653. 19. Zhao J, Lee MC, Momin A, Cendan CM, Shepherd ST, Baker MD, Asante C, Bee L, Bethry A, Perkins JR, Nassar MA, Abrahamsen B, Dickenson A, Cobb BS, Merkenschlager M, Wood JN. Small RNAs control sodium channel expression, nociceptor excitability, and pain thresholds. J Neurosci. 2010;30:10860–71. 20. Sun Y, Li XQ, Sahbaie P, Shi XY, Li WW, Liang DY, Clark JD. miR-203 regulates nociceptive sensitization after incision by controlling phospholipase A2 activating protein expression.

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