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Want solutions speedy? Microsoft home windows 7 on call for offers these solutions in a visible step by step structure. we are going to convey you precisely what to do via plenty of complete colour illustrations and easy-to-follow directions.

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At the right end of the taskbar is the notification area, which displays the time, the date, and program related icons. You can click an icon to display a window of options. For example, when you click the Volume icon, a window appears where you can adjust or mute the volume. If icons in the notification area are not used for a while, an arrow appears to hide the icons and reduce clutter. ). ). ). If you upgraded your computer to Windows 7 from a previous version of Windows, your desktop might contain additional desktop icons and toolbars.

You can choose to extend the way you click on the Internet with the rest of your computer by single-clicking (known as the web style) icons to open them, or stay with the default by double-clicking (known as the Classic style). To change from one style to the other, click the Start button, click Control Panel, click Appearance And Personalization, click the Specify single- or double-click to open link under Folder Options, click the Single-click to open an item (point to select), or Double-click to open an item (Single-click to select) option, and then click OK.

Click a button to perform a specific action or command. ) opens another dialog box. OK executes the options and closes the dialog box. Cancel ignores the options and closes the dialog box. Apply executes the options and leaves the dialog box open. ◆ Title bar Check box Close button Opens a different dialog box Up and down arrows Option button Text box Command buttons For Your Information Navigating a Dialog Box Rather than clicking to move around a dialog box, you can press the Tab key to move from one box or button to the next.

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