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Like its predecessor Coding in Delphi, extra Coding in Delphi is ready writing Delphi code. during this publication, you won’t locate a lot concerning the shape dressmaker, the VCL, or the FMX framework. you are going to, notwithstanding, know about: * the right way to write sturdy code in Delphi * utilizing Delphi with layout styles just like the manufacturing unit, Observer, Adapter, Decorator, and Command styles. * tips on how to make the most of Operator Overloading to simplify your code * tips on how to write multi-threaded and parallel code and reap the benefits of the a number of cores on your CPU * how one can write Aspect-oriented code to aid separate your issues * The heritage of and an deep-dive into the realm recognized TSmiley part

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It even allows you to dynamically extend the functionality by registering things from an external library. It is generally more flexible, more easily maintained, and easier to extend. Some General Thoughts on Factories Factories abstract the notion of creation Sometimes creation of objects is complicated, and you don’t want your main class coupled to the things that are required to create a class. This is where factories can come in to do the creation without the coupling. They can encapsulate and abstract away the notion of object creation.

I see a lot of Delphi code that looks just like this. DoCompression(aByteArray: TArray): TArray; begin // Here's where you'd compress the file.......... Result := aByteArray; end; end. Here is code where the high level module, the TCompressionService, depends on the lower level module, TFileStream. That isn’t the way it is supposed to work. Here, we are coupled to TFileStream and have to do Writing SOLID Code 28 radical surgery on the class if we want to change the way our file handling works.

Who doesn’t want that? ” The book became the “Gang of Four Book,” an instant classic because it defined a set of design patterns for writing software. Patterns arise from the notion that there are common problems to be solved in software design and that they can be codified into a set of general patterns that can be recognized and reused. Sure, the book was written over twenty years ago, but good ideas don’t go away, and the patterns in that book are as relevant today as they were then. ¹³” Things found to be useful over the past years tend to stay useful over the future years.

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