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By Martin Bowman, Chris Davey

Книга Mosquito Bomber & Fighter-Bomber devices 1942-45 Mosquito Bomber & Fighter-Bomber devices 1942-45 Книги Вооружение Автор: M.Bowman Формат: pdf Размер: forty five Язык: Английский0 (голосов: zero) Оценка:Самолет «Москито» — один из наиболее удачных проектов в истории авиации. В многофункциональности с этим самолетом может соперничать только Ju-88. Машина проектировалась в порядке частной инициативы, конструкторы стремились создать бомбардировщик, которому не требовалось бы защитное вооружение — вследствие чрезвычайно высокой скорости. Построенный из композитных материалов (фанера/бальса/трехслойный композит), прототип «Москито» Mk-I поднялся в воздух в ноябре 1940 года. Самолет выпускался во множестве вариантов. Из них к бомбардировщикам относились Mk-IV (273 самолета с бомбовой нагрузкой 907 кг), Mk-VII (25 машин канадского производства), Mk-IX (54 машины с бомбовой нагрузкой до 1814 кг), Mk-XVI (1200 машин модели Mk-IX с герметичной кабиной), Mk-XX (145 машин канадской постройки с американским оборудованием) и Mk-XXV (400 машин канадской постройки).

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8cm gun 1 x 2cm gun 46 Armament: Crew: T Y P E VIIC V A R I A N T S Of all of the Type VII models, none saw as much modification and improvement to the basic design as did the most common model of all, the Type VIIC. The variants mentioned above relate principally to internal modifications, which would not be obvious from photographs of the boats themselves. However, one major series of modifications that became necessary during the course of the war, and which drastically altered the appearance of each type, was made to the conning tower.

7. Unterseebootsflotille 9. Unterseebootsflotille 11. Unterseebootsflotille 13. Unterseebootsflotille 14. Unterseebootsflotille Various Type VIIs Types VIIC and VIID Type VIIC Type VIIC Type VIIC With just over 700 examples built, the Type VII was, in terms of volume production, by far the most successful of all the U-boat types. It fitted well with the decision taken that Germany would build a large fleet of small to mediumsized boats rather than a small fleet of large boats. Despite its modest size and relative ease of construction, it proved itself a reliable design capable of operating throughout the Atlantic, its capabilities restricted only by the amount of fuel and munitions it could carry.

Once a target had slipped past a submarine, it would often be impossible to catch up with the intended victim. With the advent of the Type XXI, the Germans had made a quantum leap in submarine design and manufacture. This amazing vessel was the first to be mass-produced in modular form. In order to take advantage of manufacturing capacity throughout the Reich, actual manufacture of components and of these components into sub-assemblies was carried out in various parts of Germany, often well inland rather than at traditional coastal shipbuilding locations.

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