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It is by this new name, in this connection, that God now reveals Himself as the Mighty Promiser and Giver of gifts. Abraham and Sarah had to learn that what God promises only God can give, that the promise was not to be made sure by the works of the flesh. So the bodies of both of them must die first to make them realize that it was all of God. Jacob had to be made lame and halt before he could finally reenter the land of promise, lest he should claim it as acquired by his own hand and cunning, and boast of his own sufficiency.

9:14). "Just and right is he," says Moses. And "shall not the Judge of all the earth do right," says Abraham to the Jehovah before whom he stood (Gen. 18:25). The holiness of this Jehovah is magnified throughout the Old Testament. His first requirement of those who should be His witnesses is: "Ye shall be holy: for I Jehovah your Elohim, am holy" (Lev. 19:2). "Holy, holy, holy is Jehovah of hosts," cry the seraphim, and that is His glory. Jehovah is ever the Holy One of Israel. It is this righteousness of Jehovah against which man sins.

There were manybreasted idols worshiped among the heathen. " The same was true of the idol of the Ephesian goddess Diana in Acts 19, for Diana signified nature and the world with all its products. "11 It is interesting to observe here that the common Hebrew word for field (sadeh)—that is, a cultivated field—is simply another form of the word Shaddai. It is the field as cultivated earth which nourishes and sustains life. Thus in this name God is seen to be the power or shedder-forth of blessings, the all-sufficient and the all-bountiful One.

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